Frequently Asked Questions

Festival FAQ

  • NO weapons of any kind are allowed inside the festival, including open and concealed carry, knifes, or any other related items.
  • ONLY clear bags are allowed at the festival.  Please leave non-clear bags at home or in your vehicle.  This includes all size bags.

It was hosted at the San Marcos Court house front yard

Sights and Sounds span over 25 acres, on two sides of the San Marcos River!  Oh how we have grown from our humble beginnings on the court house lawn.

100,000 sparkling lights!


Campfire Biscuits!

Only twice, most recently in 2017! It’s sleeted other times too.

While we highly recommend parking at one of the designated lots and riding our FREE shuttle, there is very limited parking near the event that is “walkable”.   Please respect all parking rules and laws.  Again, the easiest and most stress-free experience will be through our park and ride lots.  Check out our “Arrive” page for the most up to date information.

Santa Q&A Trivia

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

Nine, including Rudolph


Makes toys, duh!

260 lbs.

Santa can speak every language in the world, but before he visits San Marcos, he practices his English and Spanish the most.