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Admission Pricing


Kids 12 and Under


Nightly Admission


6 Day Pass

Other Pricing

No cash will be accepted inside the park except at Santa’s Gift Shop.

10 Credits ($10)

Official Sights & Sounds of Christmas Collector Mug with Unlimited Hot Drink Refills (for one night only)

4 Credits ($4)

1 Cup of Hot Cocoa or Hot Cider

2 Credits ($2)

1 Can of Soda

2 Credit ($2)

1 Bottle of Water

Introducing Magic Money

The Sights & Sounds of Christmas is excited to announce a new and easy way to pay for rides, games and food at the Festival!

The Magic Money Band is an electronic token system held on a Magic Money Band, using an RFID chip. Magic Money Bands are reusable and re-loadable, so you can enjoy them throughout the Festival this year and for years to come! Reload your band using the Magic Money App, Magic Money Kiosks or Magic Money Stations located throughout the fairgrounds.

Reusable bands are $2 which is deducted from your initial purchase. The bands can be loaded in increments of $10, $20, $40, $60, $80 or $100 for first-time purchases and reloaded for any amount after. Any remaining credits can be reused the following year. Purchased an Unlimited Ride Band? You will receive a Magic Money Band that can be loaded with money for rides, games and food using the App, Kiosks or Stations.

Benefits of Magic Money Band

It’s easy to use.

Use your reusable band this year and bring it back next year for more fun.

Utilize the Magic Money App to monitor your balance and reload.

Magic Money Bands are easier to carry around than metal tokens.

Magic Money Bands are good for rides, games and food.

There are more than 50 reload stations throughout the grounds.

Transactions are made on the Amazon Cloud so it’s secure and safe.

Keep your leftover credits from this year to use for next year.

Reload your Magic Money Band with cash or credit card.

Magic Money Bands are more secure than metal tokens.

Magic Money Band FAQ

Parking & Shuttle

Officially sponsored by:

Park & Ride 2021

Don’t fight for parking! From 5pm until 11:30pm each night in 2021, Sights & Sounds of Christmas provides plenty of parking and bus pick up/drop off services in the Mill Street parking lot (Across the Street from from Bobcat Stadium, behind Bobcat Village Apartments).

Our buses are handicap accessible at our park & ride locations.

Please note: From December 10–11, Texas State will be holding Graduation Ceremonies. Please avoid the following lots during these dates:

  • All Bobcat Stadium parking lots
  • All Strahan Coliseum parking lots
  • The Edward Gary parking garage

Paid Parking 2021

Paid parking for 2021 is available at the following locations:

  • 304 E San Antonio St. (Just north of Texas Express Lube & Auto)
  • First United Methodist Church—129 W Hutchison St, San Marcos, TX

Please note: Shuttles will not be running to and from the above paid parking areas. Festival grounds are a short walk from both locations.

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